Sunday, July 24, 2005

This comment made me laugh

I found this, and I just had to post it (my bad)
"Anonymous said...

Speaking of Marines, here's one making the rounds:

A marine finds he is surrounded by 1000 insurgents in Iraq. Knowing it is better to go down fighting then to be captured by these animals he yells out from the building where he is bunkered down.

"I'm in here, come and get me, there's only one of me".

One of the insurgents goes up to the terrorist leading the assault.

"Let me take 100 men and capture this infidel dog, God willing"

The leader agrees and 100 insurgents go after the marine.
Gun fire erupts for about five minutes and there is silence.

Then the marine yells again.

"is that all you got?"

Enraged the leader sends in another 400 men and gun fire erupts and dies down just like before.

"I'm still here".

The terrorist sends in his last 500 men and there is a hail of gunfire which lasts for 15 minutes. Finally one of the insurgents crawls out from behind the building, bloodied and shaking. He falls at the leaders feet.

The leader asks, "God willing, did you kill the infidel?".

The insurgent responds,

"No, the filthy American lied... There are 2 of them"."
I thought it was funny, and after today I needed a laugh. Maybe now I can enjoy the good news I had received today, maybe.


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