Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hope in the Middle East?

"The hard and unavoidable truth is that the Middle East is still dominated by the values of both its tribal past and its despotic present. The history of the Middle East is, in a thumbnail sketch, a series of bloody conflicts between tribes and men who have seized power with the thrust of a sword. Violence is normative. When two tribes are locked in conflict, violent force is more often than not the only honorable manner of arbitration. Following this immemorial pattern, the winner in a bloody contest will, as soon as possible, solidify his position through intimidation and outright murder of anyone who might challenge him."
Iraq Bloggers Central
You know I had to look to make sure this was Jeffrey, He must have taken some prozac, calmed down and then hit the keyboard. Don't take this the wrong way, Jeffrey is recommended daily reading, we here at This Fucking War love Jeffrey's hard-core, combative style, and his quick and witty comeback. But in today's post I think he has risen above the fray to offer some insight into something we all would like to understand a little. The elusive Middle East mindset. Keep up the good work.


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