Sunday, April 17, 2005

U.S. troops, insurgents wield pens as well as swords

"MOSUL, Iraq — It’s just spray-painted graffiti, but the writing on the wall gets the attention of U.S. troops: “Warning to all policemen: You will be killed.” Soldiers then storm into the compound, demanding the owners erase the death threat against the Americans’ Iraqi allies.

“If I come back tomorrow and it’s still there, I’ll fix it myself, and you won’t like it,” Capt. Blake Lackey says sternly. “I’ll tear the wall down.”"
Stryker News
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Blogger AlanK said...

Good to see that the army is actually taking action over these threats.

it seems to be like new york under giuliani if you fix the little stuff like graffiti, vandalism then it makes it easier to fix the big stuff

this could help end intimidation of those helping coalition forces in iraq, hopefully first step to pacifying iraq

3:20 PM  
Blogger madtom said...

Well I do think that it has it's bright side. I would like to see them fight the hate, and kill American messages that they find. Including placing a cost on the wall owners as well as the sign painters, But if you have been reading here long enough, we have also seen how they sometimes go out and cover up things like Kurdish flags and anything written in the Kurdish language. Maybe sometime out of trying to quell sectarianism, sometimes maybe out of ignorance or just plain following orders to paint over anything. But it has bothered the Kurds to no end to have their "peaceful" messages or patriotic posters vandalized by the US, as they like to put it.
Done badly it also leads to a new source of conspiracies

6:35 PM  

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