Thursday, April 07, 2005

"I'm very excited to hear about some new sighting in Iraq. Between the emails I've received and lists I've seen published I've heard of at least 20 birds that I didn't see while I was in country.

To facilitate more firsthand accounts, I've decided to make Birding Babylon a group blog. I'll open it up to other birders and wildlife watchers that are in Iraq now or have been previously and want to share some of their experiences. Those interested will be able to post directly to the blog. I'm hoping at least a few people will be regulars and keep up the momentum. If you are interested please send me an email -

Major Ed reports some fantastic birds."
Birding Babylon
What a great idea, to open up the blog to facilitate firsthand accounts from Iraq! well anyone interested in doing the same here should read the Mission Statement posted there on my side bar. Hopefully J will have much more success than I have in finding volunteers. I wish them over at Birding Babylon all the luck in the world. Maybe if I could get mentioned over there someone might see it. Anyway I personally have enjoyed J's blogs immensely.


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