Monday, April 11, 2005

Blood or Oil

"When gas started its ascent past to the $2 mark six months ago, the Goingses had enough. Bob inquired at Dan Deery Toyota about buying one of those gas/electric hybrid cars he had heard so much about --- the Prius. He loved his Toyota Avalon, which averaged 28 miles per gallon on the highway, but
the Prius could cruise 55 miles on a gallon of gas.
Travel could still be affordable. ...plenty of other people are thinking the same thing"
Get the stocks now, the next wave could be in Hybrid stocks..The US could dump all it's old cars in Iraq, we could turn the place into one big Used car lot. What the neocons are really up to.
I hope the market makes the 55 MPG the minimum people will settle for when they buy a new car. Why don't congress jump in and do a Terri Schiavo, and offer some tax incentive to help move that number up closer to 100 MPG. Maybe they could move the CAFE up to where it should be.
If your going down to buy a new car, remember our Hybrid car theme song: "Blood for oil"
"April 18 issue - Two numbers have dominated White House discussions about the president's domestic agenda in recent days: rising gas prices and the president's falling approval ratings."
"Michael Klare on Blood, Oil and the Coming War on Iran."
Juan Cole


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