Friday, March 25, 2005

Situation Report

"Things are getting alittle interesting over here. Not in a good way either. While out in our area of operations in Baghdad. Nearby, a Bradley and a few other armored vehicles got ambushed yesterday. It was first hit with an IED and a fire fight broke out for about a minute. I only saw the puff of smoke from the IED from a distance, the rest, I could only hear the sound of small arms and the sound of the loud Coax gun on the Bradley firing away. About an hour or 2, the vehicles that got ambushed rolled past our spot where we were in the city and the only visible damage the IED caused was a black mark on the side of the Bradley that scorched the paint alittle bit. I don't know if any insurgents were killed, but I do know no Americans were hurt. Just from hearing the heavy guns from the armored vehicles and the 25mm from the Coax on the Bradley leaves me to assume they probably killed some of the enemy. The only thing that matters is none of our guys were hurt in that incident. Other than that, not much else happened in our area."
Boots on the Ground


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