Monday, March 14, 2005

"the new information policy"

"The fact that our blogging has become less frequent is, in fact, a sign of normalcy beginning to return to our lives. Some time, sooner than people might expect, we shall be talking about things other than the War and Politics."
The Mesopotamian
In this Alaa latest post he seems to argue that the situation is getting better with the airing of the confessions of the captured terrorist. They seem to have turned it into a nightly TV show, and people are watching, and taking notice of who the insurgents are, and why they carry out their operation. Apparently freeing Iraq of the occupying MNF don't seem to score too high on the insurgent list. I myself have mixed feelings about the broadcasts. Way back when the subject cam up on the Kurdish blogs I was completely against the practice, but the Iraqi contributors were for it, but said that they were being pressured by the European powers not to do it. Now it would seem that after the elections the people in charge feel more of an alliance to a call from the populous for just this type of a response, and less worried by the reaction of outside powers. So in that regard, it does seem to present a step in the right direction, but on the other hand it could be seen as blow to individual freedoms, and having those issues imprinted on the people anytime soon.
Whenever I come across on of these issues that seem to defy logic, or at least any logic I can see, I tell myself that Iraq surly has a long way to go. It cant wakeup tomorrow looking like a western democracy just out of thin air. So I say let them have their way, let them experiment and find a path that is their own. After all the woods are dark and filled with danger. I at least would feel much better looking for a safe path surrounded by people that I know and trust, I'll assume Iraqi's are the same.


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