Tuesday, March 08, 2005

March Of The Marsh

"More on the restoration of the southeastern Iraqi marshes.

The scientists reported that less than 10 percent of the original marshes still function as true wetlands, but that about 20 percent of the original area had been reflooded by March 2004, according to satellite imagery.

High salt content in soil and water, threatens the recovery of the marshes in certain areas, the paper said.

As Dr. Hussain's team pulled up muck and spinachlike aquatic plants from the bottom of this marsh for testing, he confirmed the problems and said the thickets of reeds in this marsh were still only about half as dense as they had been before the marsh dried up.

Some plants, like water lilies, had not come back at all, he said.

I supect that, given time, and despite the obvious pessimism of Western researchers, the marshes will regain much of their former glory, possibly even meeting Dr. Ali's goal of 80% restoration. All the flora and fauna really need to re-colonize the area is water and time."
Silflay Hraka


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