Thursday, March 31, 2005

Iran's "no clear" nuclear bomb !

"first listen to this funny thing then we talk about the topic

iran government has filtered a blog ! but this time the writer is a man who nominated himself for the iran's next president .
as blog is so popualr among iranian youngesters (and iran is the youngest country of the world) he has made a blog to get some popularity .and as every other nomineee he has started criticing the currect president and giving un-beliveable promisses....
(mind that in iran not everybody can nominate himself for parrlement or president post, in the last parrlement ellection more than 3000 Famous Reformers been avodied to nominate themself in the ellection " so somebody who is allowed to nominate himself is nt such a nice person...)
well i think they un-filtered his site after they found out it is his blog."
Medya Daily


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