Sunday, March 27, 2005

Army investigation reported abuse, possible torture at jail near Mosul

"They show the torture and abuse of detainees was routine and such treatment was considered an acceptable practice by U.S. forces," ACLU lawyer Amrit Singh said.

Guards at the detention facility near Mosul came from at least three infantry units of the 101st Airborne, including an air-defense artillery unit. The investigating officer, whose name was blacked out of the documents, said the troops were poorly trained and encouraged to abuse prisoners.

According to the report, the abuse included:

• Forcing detainees to perform exercises such as deep knee bends for hours on end, to the point of exhaustion.

• Blowing cigarette smoke into the sandbags the prisoners were forced to wear as hoods.

• Throwing cold water on the prisoners in a room that was between 40 degrees and 50 degrees.

• Blasting the detainees with heavy-metal music, yelling at them and banging on doors and ammunition cans."
USA Today
(hat tip Abbas Kadhim)


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