Saturday, February 19, 2005

President Jalal Talabani ??!!

"I don't know if many of you know this guy. He is the general secretary of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. The reason why I am writing this, is that because he is the strong candidate for the post of Iraq's first elected President.
He is 72, and has been involved in politics since he was 13. So imagine 60 years of his life has been covered by politics.
Kurds are divided over his support, some see him as the guy who tries to please everyone first, then Kurds. Some see him as diplomatic, trying to silent everyone and do things undercover.

He is a law graduate from Baghdad's university, and he has his negaitve and positive sides of his life, which I don't want to go into.
What I must admit, is that he reads alot. I have seen him talking on special programmes and the amount of the information he knew is great. He is always referencing his qoutes, something which I like because otherwise you never know if the speaker is just talking or talking the truth.

He speaks around 5 languages, some say 7. His wife is also very active. Some accuse him of trying to take control of everything in his controlled region of Kurdistan, especially after it became a "law" to have his photograph in schools and other places, something which Saddam was doing.
Kurds call him "Mama" which is short for "Mam Jalal" or "Uncle Jalal".

So I have written a petition, I know it probably won't ever reach him, because I have already faxed and emailed this to his party several times, but just for the sake of the fun of it, consider signing.
Guess what it is ?!
An invitation for him to start his own blog !
Please consider signing if you want to read Iraq's president's blog !!"
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