Monday, January 03, 2005

Drumrolls please ...

"Did you know Hamid Karzai is married? Well, the lovely Zeenat Karzai (well, actually we're not sure if she's lovely) has not been seen in any official public events, in fact she rarely leaves the presidential palace. I've never seen any photos of her. I know people who've met her, but they had access to the president's compound.

According to Pahjwok Afghan news agency, the First Lady, who is a gynecologist by profession, wants to take on a public role.

"In the near future, I want to come in the society. The work I want to start should be useful for Afghan women," she said.

Jamila Mujahed, a prominent newspaper journalist who claims to be the first woman heard on Afghan radio after the fall of the Taliban, expressed thanks to the president's wife, saying: "Mrs Karzai encouraged us to work better in the future." Has she?
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