Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"The British press have released a series of photographs taken by a British soldier in Basra, showing British troops using methods of torture, violence, and intimidation that rival the Abu Ghraib scandal.

The pictures are shown in their entirety behind the link below.

( On to the pictures... )

So, the big question is what will the impact of these pictures be? My guess is that it will further weaken Blair's government in the British elections, tenatively scheduled for May, as disgruntled Labour voters defect to the Liberal Democrats to form a strong, legitimate third party.

It will also undoubtedly get a lot of coverage in the Arab press, which implies to me increased anti-British (and anti-occupation) sentiment, especially in the Shi'ite south. This shift in sentiments could greatly increase the risk of violence in what has been to this point one of the safer regions of Iraq. The risk could also be political -- arguably, this could further endanger the upcoming elections, as well as force Shi'ite leaders to be more public in their opposition to a continued occupation"


Blogger Jeff said...

But like Abu Ghraib, Iraqis know the diff between wayward Coalition troops & Saddam's system of mass torture. They also know that some of those people are guilty

7:08 PM  
Blogger madtom said...

You may be forgetting human nature, it's always easier to accept a wrong committed by your brother than the same wrong committed by your neighbors.
In the eyes of our enemies all this abuse is a gift from above.
And I hope they don't think those were guilty people, I hope for our sake that they were not guilty of anything as they were all released, if they were as guilty as that then the administration is releasing guilty terrorist so they can attack again.

Every other argument aside I would never have done it, as this administration has endangered the lives of all our soldiers, not in this war against this enemy, but in all future wars against future enemies, that we can not even know today who they are. People will die because this administration did not have a valid plan to deal with these insurgents and tried the easy way out.
And to date they have not been able to point to any results from this adventure.

9:01 PM  

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