Wednesday, December 08, 2004

(no not to tell them to stop exporting terrorism)

"We have had enough of "empty promises" and "lies" from all the Iraqi governments including Allawi's "selected" government.
The Kirkuk issue was the main reason of the failure of the 1970 peace accord between the Iraqi government and the Kurdish faction. It seems that history is going to repeat itself.

In this "democratic" part of Iraq (yet many refuse to be part of it but technically and according to Koffi Anan we are) this is what happened to a guy who told the bodyguards of a high ranking member of one of the Kurdish parties to mind the queue. He was in a queue at a petrol station when a car jumped infront of him.
He told them "Heyyy mind the queue"...and they told him "Heyyy mind your a$$" . The photo of the victim was published in one of the Kurdish newspapers. The politician is called (Mahmood Sangawi)."


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