Monday, December 13, 2004

Mr lice

"Rumors about his capture came in the morning and we kept switching between all the news channels for any update, unfortunately we landed on jazeera on they had some guy on in a calling screaming while probably foaming at the mouth " its was the kurds, the kurds we know what their plan are"... cool we've now been upgraded 2nd only to jews for all the problems that face the average brainwashed arab.
And then I think arabiyah (or probably it was jazeera again) called a member of the ex governing council in his background there were sounds oululation and he said yes it is true. We still weren't convinced but we waited till the press conference that followed. Yes the "we got him" sounds corny but it did wonders then, We kept watching and waiting thinking where they would pop saddam out of, would he be sitting in the crowd, would he bought on stage, would he show up in a cage, where? the talks by bremer and pacahachi just seemed too long"
Kurdistan Bloggers Union-dilnareen


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