Friday, December 31, 2004

First post.
"Hi everyone, This is my first post. My name is Ali and I'm an Iraqi living in Baghdad. And yes I'm a liberal as my blog title says, but I must stress that I'm a liberal Iraqi and not just liberal, a term which has different meanings depending on where you live and compared to your surrounding ideologies.I intend through this blog to talk about the rising democracy in Iraq and I hope I can provide others around the world with a view of how life is going on in Iraq from where I see it. I do not and will not pretend that I represent the majority of Iraqis, but I'll try to convey as objectively as I can what Iraqis think and how they feel about the changes and the hardships in Iraq, in addition to my own opinion. Different perspectives will be wellcomed on this blog, but any offensive language towards other readers (I believe this blog would be read by some sooner or later) and any racist remarks will cause the person who post it to be banned.I hope those who will read this blog would find it useful and please if anyone has any question, don't hesitate to send them.I'll
be updating the blog soon."
Liberal Iraqi
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