Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Curfew declared in Mosel ........

NO ........What bugs me ,when you read ,watch ,listen yesterday al Jazeera and al Arabiya or al Jarabiya ! in their report they attribute the saying to a doctor ....but the doctor (junior)not qualified to comment ,secondly when there is a dead body in a hospital all will know it so not that easy to hide the news of dead if there is !
To fabricate a sheer pack of lies ,claiming 10s killed 10s injured ,the police stations controlled by the thugs ....and on and on on .........make Iraqi sick and want to vomit on the entire Arab world for tolerating lies and hypocricy as normal !

The TRUTH yes they did attack dressed in black(like saddam fedaais),but they got pushed back left 3 dead 16 arrested and no police stations under their control !
They did use the surprise and used missiles and mortars ,but pushed back and now large operation going on to hunt them in the area Buhrez,Mafareq,and Ba'aqoba !

Curfew declared in Mosel ........


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