Friday, November 26, 2004

Blog power

I got these three stories of the power of the blog, and the people that are behind them.

nabilsblog brings us a look at the global reach of blogs and the Internet that makes it all possible.

Then we have this report of a blogger, that after using the power of blogs now has his sites set on real power and has created a new Iraq political party and is running for office in the countries first free election.
I wonder if this party wants a delay in the election date, if a delay would help anyone, his this is the guy, as his party is so new. Please ask them and report back.

Then I found this story on newscientist about just what a pain in the ass blogs have turned out to be for the Chinese Communist Government. They just cant seem to be able to censer them. Something has to be done, people cant just be allowed to speak freely, or could they?



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