Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Rush Limbaugh is on,

(He calls it “the Newt Gingrich diet.”)

President of the United States (potus) or the First Lady (flotus)

On NBC’s “Today” show, Matt Lauer was interviewing President Bush, and had asked if the war on terrorism could be won. Bush replied, “I don’t think you can win it.” Halperin perked up. “Did you hear that?”

And according to Mark his father taught him that the role of the media was a simple one: “to hold powerful interests accountable to the public interest.”

Halperin glanced at his BlackBerry, checking his messages. Then his phone rang, and his voice rose over the din. “Are you sure?” he said. “Can we use that?”
You got to see this "it's posted by my mother"
but only if she's here. they say sh'e baron


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