Wednesday, February 21, 2007

US: KRG doesn't support PKK

"State Department spokesman Tom Casey backed the Kurdish position for the third time, saying the Kerkuk referendum process should go ahead as planned. He also declared that the KRG doesn’t support the rebel movement PKK.

Reporters asked if the KDP and PUK support the PKK in Kurdistan. Casey said:”The regional government of Kurdistan, government in Bagdad, the American government and the Turkish government together will look for a solution for the PKK-problem. The PKK is supported by no one.” Casey also said America supports a diplomatic solution to the PKK-issue and is against a military attack on the PKK.

Äbout Kerkuk Tom Casey said: "We support the Iraqi constitution and that means we also support the referendum for Kerkuk.” This is the third time America shows their support for a referendum in Kerkuk."


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