Monday, February 19, 2007

Badgers Down: Prelude

"Falluja, Al Anbar, Iraq. I walked into the supported unit’s Combat Operations Center (COC) a little before 1400 on February 7, 2006.

“Hey Badger 6. You showed at just the perfect time, we need to call your 3 element off of their current mission. A CH-46 went down and we need to get out there.”

I looked at the plasma screen and could see the UAV feed of the crash site. It was both fascinating and sickening. Fascinating, because UAV feeds, while not uncommon, are generally the purview of command elements well above my level and here I was for the first time seeing it used to conduct a mission, a mission that I was going to be involved with. A mission that was going to change a of people’s lives. Sickening because I knew I was looking at more dead American service members and another possible indication of the insurgents’ ability to shoot down our aircraft.

“Roger that. What do you need from me?”

“We have called 3-6 back, he is supposed to meet you inside the gate at the North Ramp, you are going to link up with Tanks for security and Mortuary Affairs. Infantry is on site and securing the crash. Take your time. Here is the route we need you to take. This is the only road that supports the equipment we need to get in there. Can you run this out to the North Ramp and meet up with your boy?”"
Badger Forward


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