Saturday, November 28, 2009

Second bomb blast at Russian train site

The head of the Russian Federal Security Service has told a Russian news agency 14 pounds of explosives were used in the terror attack. And later another official suggested the explosive may have been inside one of the cars but that has not officially been confirmed.

And a second bomb detonated at the scene some 17 hours later during the cleanup operation say Russian sources. No one was injured in that blast.

The derailment occurred in a remote area hampering rescue efforts. Some of the 100 injured passengers were driven to St. Petersburg. Others were moved to Moscow by air and by road.

Initially Russian authorities said 26 were killed and 18 others were missing.

A similar attack occurred on a Russian train on the same line in 2009 but details of that attack and its motives have remained murky. Two Russians were arrested after that bombing and one is still being sought. No one died in that incident.

The Russian Prosecutor in charge of investigating this attack says bomb residue has been taken from the scene and that the blast created a five foot deep crater.

There have been numerous attacks in Russia in recent years carried out by Chechen separatists and also a growing number of violent incidents involving Ultra Nationalists.

But so far Russian authorities are not certain who carried out this bombing on the Nevsky Express.


Iran's way of asking Russia, Where are my S-300 missiles bitch


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