Saturday, November 28, 2009

Russia 'will' deliver S-300 to Iran in 2 months

Russia has ensured that it will honor a deal providing Iran with the S-300 sophisticated anti-aircraft system, Tehran's envoy to Moscow says.

Mohammad-Reza Sajjadi on Friday rejected reports that Russia had pulled out of the deal due to a delay in the delivery of the system to Iran.

"We had heard reports that Russia would not deliver these systems to Iran, but we asked the Russian side and they denied it," he told reporters in Moscow.

"The delivery deadline has already passed, but the Russian side has cited technical problems which it said it was working on to fix," Sajjadi added. "We feel that this question will be resolved within one to two months."

He said neither Iran nor Russia planed to "go back" on the contract, which he said was "profitable" for both sides.

Russia's procrastination over the delivery of the advanced system to Iran has drawn harsh criticism from officials in Tehran.

Earlier this month, Chief of Staff of Iran's Joint Armed Forces Hassan Firouzabadi questioned Moscow's motivation for the delay. He said under a contract signed between the two countries, the Russian government was expected to supply Iran with the system aimed at boosting the country's defensive capabilities.

"The delivery is more than six months overdue," the top official said, urging Russia to expedite the process of delivery.

Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi also said that Russia had a "contractual obligation" to provide Iran with the system.

"We have made a deal with the Kremlin to buy S-300 defense missiles," he said, referring to a contract signed between Tehran and Moscow in 2007.

"We don't think Russian officials would want to be seen in the world as contract violators," he added.

Iran has been trying to obtain the sophisticated defense system to improve its deterrence power in reaction to Israeli war rhetoric.

According to Western experts, the S-300 missile defense system would shield Iranian nuclear sites against any Israeli airstrike.

The S-300 system, which can track targets and fire at aircraft 120 km (75 miles) away, features high jamming immunity and is able to simultaneously engage up to 100 targets.

200 drones, or reflections.


Blogger B Will Derd said...

Right now they are limiting themselves to terrorizing people of Iranian descent----- I wonder if they will be bold enough to get to others who call them goat fuckers? They're getting incredibly bold because they have no one to fear. I really wonder if they think they have a nuclear weapon and are waiting for an excuse to use it.

Did you read that O refused to be photographed alongside an F-22 the other day? Every military person former and current that I know says the disgust with O is deep, far worse than they have ever seen it with regard to a COC, and some of them go back to VN era. I won't even repeat some of what I've been told by some active duty combat types directly or through relatives, cuz it was scary. The ROE in Afghan is ridiculous, the unwillingness to confront Iran on any level even though every swinging dick there knows they are responsible for the IEDs there and the death and maiming of thousands, one way or another. You know they had to tell the cadets to be 'enthusiastic' the other night, but I'm told troops are being instructed to not say anything about the COC almost every day because it's becoming so pervasive. Things may be worse than they appear, and it appears to be pretty bad already.

8:32 PM  
Blogger madtom said...

"they have a nuclear weapon"

You know I believe they do, either Russian or Chinese, or maybe even a hybrid using parts from different suppliers...Just waiting for the right moment, for effect.

"O refused to be photographed"

Hard to believe.

Pray we never have the need for the guy to order one to combat...

9:18 PM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

Believe it. His staff made the Air Force take the F-22 out of the hangar and bring in an F-15. I think he really believes that displaying strength is dangerous. With the situation in Iran he should be seen standing on the wing of an F-22 among the entire fleet of f-22's while being quoted on saying how happy he is that we have such power in such dangerous times. Act like he would sort of like to see how well they could blow the hell out of some toque nation's nuclear capability. But, besides being seen as aggressive, that might be seen as an admission that he shouldn't have canceled the program, which is the main reason they don't want him photographed with one. But that's just another kick in the ass to the military from their point of view.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous ilona@israel said...

its not the only project that had cross the dead line but still is not comlite. russia is not in a hurry-it has to straight its relationships with usa and israel at the moment. i am curious what do those s-300 mean for Israel?

7:20 AM  

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