Sunday, November 29, 2009

Iraq gets a YouTube channel

Are you having a hard time finding something on the television? Are you having to revert to your computer or iPhone to find online programming? Well, YouTube can always provide some good entertainment, especially through some of the channels now offered. The latest one is probably not one you would expect. So, grab some popcorn and relax as you watch video from the Iraqi Government.
You read that correct. The Iraqi Government is now offering videos through its very own YouTube channel. The first video is of the country’s Prime Minister who states the goal of the channel is to use technology to communicate better with the Iraqi people and others abroad. Content includes government proceedings, policies, and events.

I must admit when I first saw this I was drawn back to the invasion of Iraq by the United States. The face of Iraq at that time was Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf who served as the Iraqi Information Minister under Saddam Hussein. His statements during the invasion have created an almost cult-like following online including a website called We Love The Iraqi Information Minister. This being said, Iraq has some damage control to do in order to ensure there is a new face that is recognized as the voice of the new country of Iraq.

View more at the Iraqi YouTube Channel



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