Saturday, January 31, 2009

ISRAEL: Elections, and the prophecy of pot

So, sitting on the grave, Kopatch talks to the dead leader:

"You know, there are around a million Israelis who smoke this stuff. You know how much this costs me?! Loads. And do you know who grows and produces this? Hamas and Hezbollah. Yes, David. As defense minister, it is important that you know this. They're making piles of money off of us. They take the money and buy kassams to fire at us. A pity, no? Why shouldn't it be legal? You see, if it'll be legal, we could grow it here on these arid Negev hills, make the wilderness flower. We will keep the money in Israel and use it for good causes, David, like raising the teachers' salaries. ... The question is, though, what will Hamas and Hezbollah do with all the hashish they'll be left with? The answer is simple: They'll smoke it. They'll smoke it, David, and be calm. Because a good Arab is a calm Arab. And this," concludes Kopatch with a puff, "is my security concept."
Babylon & Beyond

Hey it's the one thing the last three Presidents do have in common. Tell your children, they can grow up to be President too.


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