Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what's going on nowadays...

"Hi , how are you? Different topics,take my attention nowadays, and different funny video I'd like to share with you... First of all, let me show you what's going these days in Faluja and Ramadi which was the hottest area one day...................... believe it or not.............
this is KFC in Faluja, yes itsn't real franchise, they just taken the name.

“it a successful experiment that the city of Fallujah are open to the world and are currently receiving all manifestations of modernity and Western restaurants,most of our costumers from young people like to get out on the tradition even in the food and experience of those meals, especially meat and cheese segments which are in demand, adding that the love of change pushed me to go to this type of work “, the owner of the KFC fast food, Omar Kazem said.
Source: Arabic report

We are busy nowadays for security preparation for annual anniversary of Imam Musa Ja'far Al-Kazem's death (the seventh of the Twelver Shia Imams., more information about Imam Musa Ja'far Al-Kazem,you can find it below:"
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