Monday, July 28, 2008

Publicity is...a good thing?

CPT G has gotten a little bit of publicity today. A local paper in Reno ran a profile on CPT G as someone from Reno serving in Iraq. The focus of the article was on CPT G and his decision to join the military. There was, of course, a lot written on his blog and what has happened to it in the last few months. Though extremely well written, the newspaper does not have much of a readership outside of the 775 area code. It did make the front page, though, picture and all.

A second article was written in the Washington Post and made the front page of the Style section. This article definitely focused more on the blog and the spiral effect that has occurred since it got shut down. Even before I woke up there were emails to Kaboom from people who had seen the article. It seems the reporter was a big fan of the blog before it got shut down and was sort of ticked off that he couldn't read it anymore. His solution: write about. Sounds like something CPT G would do.

I am not putting up links for either, but I know how crafty you readers can be. I am sure within a few hours most of you will have read and forwarded the articles to everyone you know. Most of you have already found archived posts from the original Kaboom.

Thank you Kaboom readers. Had you not made such a fuss about its termination, I do not think there would have been such an interest in CPT G and his writing in the news. We shall see what comes of all of this. Good or bad, CPT G has gotten his name out there. Who knows, maybe there will be a write-up in Newsweek in the coming months. Hey, a girl can dream, right?"


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