Monday, January 28, 2008

Sectarian to the Bone

"My sister’s house was robbed a few weeks ago. The robber was smart enough that he didn’t take any heavy thing. He was able to find the money my sister and brother-in-law saved. He took a the entire $5,000. It was a big shock to my sister. She said she hid it well in the house, but she wasn’t smarter than the robber whose main job is to be smart in finding money and valuable stuff.
My sister did not put the money in any bank for several reasons. There were a lot of incidents reported that insurgents and militias hover over the areas where banks are located. They wait for preys to kill and take their money to buy weapons and pay their fighters their monthly salaries. The other reason is that banks are not reliable in Iraq. If something happens to the bank, the government won’t be able to compensate the people. So, my sister saved the money at home!

After the robbery, my sister and brother-in-law have become torn. They didn’t know what to do with money. Should they put it in a bank and expose themselves to the danger of being robbed in the streets, or keep it at home and get robbed again. So, they finally decided to put it in bank. And here where all the shock came."
Treasure of Baghdad


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