Thursday, January 31, 2008

"It's Fruit Flavoured"

"I've got a cold. It's a rather strong one too. I've got a runny nose nearly all the time. I feel lazy and a little dizzy too. I'm doing my best to enjoy that high. Rather than rot in a pile of wet tissues today, Nahida's brother came over this morning and we went to get my car fixed some more. There's still that gaping hole in the back. So we dropped off my car at the repair shop and it should be ready on Sunday. I just have one more exam tomorrow and I can't be bothered to study for it. I'm planning to study the material on my way to college. I should be fine."
Baghdad Bacon & Eggs
This is a new Iraqi blogger I found over at IBC. Looks like a collage age kid.. He talks about a farm and farmers, so they may have sharecroppers working land they own..

I have never heard of anyone jacking off with a condom, fruit flavored or otherwise.
I guess there is a first time for everything


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