Thursday, January 31, 2008

393 days and a wake up...

"It’s a frigid morning. The roar of the generators powering the combat outpost recedes into the back of my head as a constant, persistent hum. Flashing intermittent lights from FOB Loyalty’s Aerostat are a constant reminder that big brother is always watching. The moon has perched itself amongst the rooftops in hide; waiting patiently for the sun to break the horizon and assume its duties. The embers glow bright as the smoke slowly escapes from the end of my cigarette. The exhale waits in calm serenity as the slim fog rolls to camouflage the little bit of death exhumed from my lungs. It’s only 2 minutes off my life per smoke, right? That’s much better odds than an IED or 7.62mm sniper round. The “bombs and bullets factor” is what I call it.
It’s just the start of another day boring in Baghdad. The platoons on mission cycle are slowly waking up, piecing together at the briefing room. Faces are still half asleep, still coming to the realization that yes, they are still here – still in Iraq. "
Tragically Famous


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