Wednesday, January 30, 2008

30 January

"Well, my dreams of being a rock star are dead—we broke a couple guitar strings and one of the guitar pedals got fried from our jacked up electrical system here on the FOB…there is no way to get any of the new stuff in the area, it will take too long to get it thru the mail and the other guys have to start mailing their stuff home soon…so, there will be no concert thing…oh well, it was fun while it lasted …everything else is same ol stuff around here…oh yeah, the other day when we went out to the ceremony to announce the proclamation of the place being a “peaceful district” or whatever it was, they got blasted by RPGs and the bad guys came in and robbed a few houses…I guess they didn’t want to mess around while all the US forces were around—they know they’d get their asses kicked—so they waited till we left and went in shooting things up and denying the government it’s “peaceful” existence…that’s the way things go around here…"
Desert Consciousness


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