Monday, January 28, 2008

27 JAN 2007 Another window

"I received many responses after airing my poor attempt to honor the memory of two fallen soldiers.

My bro, Ted, told me that his station had recently interviewed the families of Blair Emery and Joel House last week.

I wish I could have been more successful at expressing the depth of sadness, loss, and anger I feel considering these young lives cut short. But I don’t forget that it is not my opinion or assessment that matters; it is the effect on their families that matters. I hope that I get that across.

But as I often do, I find that when I have failed to make my words carry the depth of truth, there is someone else out there who has succeeded. I was referred to SSGT Tristan Ruark’s blog, “Angry American” by Laurel of Books for Soldiers who was such a staunch supporter while I was in Balad, and continue to support many troops who are still over there.

He is a squad leader serving in Iraq. He tells us of the life and death of Duncan Crookston, one of his troops."
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