Sunday, December 30, 2007


"Christmas arrived at BAD VOO DOO land only 1 day late. Some of the guys were up north earning a great "Last Christmas.." story for when they are back in civilization while the rest of us waited like little kids for their return so we could open gifts and be together.
As you probably saw in a previous post the tree was set up and hidden from the platoon so only a select few of us knew of it and we were able to surprise and impress those who didn't know or expect to have christmas. Sherri and Mike sent a great tree that I had been hiding in my tent behind medical supplies that was truly large and with the decorations from JP's Mom, Ranger Sids family, Crystal and our family suport group we were able to hook it up. Unfortunately the LT like any other impatient young man rushed to hook up the lights and forgot to check the voltage or set up a transformer first and blew the lights up. It was good for a laugh and some ridicule though."
Northern Disclosure


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