Monday, February 19, 2007


""C is for Congress, not good enough for me."
Specialist Dan "the Man" Walker and friend brandish their Victory Fists while taking a breather on an Iraqi sofa during clearing ops in Baghdad.

There is hardly such a thing as a war in which it makes no difference who wins.
-George Orwell

They say on Capitol Hill if you don't like the bellwether, just wait a few minutes. It may be a congresswoman's prerogative to change her mind, but Thelma & Louise couldn't wait to take on Saddam Hussein's Iraq in 2002, though now that it's "George Bush's Iraq" they're worse than that guy in Memento with the perpetual short-term memory. Newspeak your mind, and the rest will follow.

We no longer support the war; we have never supported the war.

Big Brother, where art thou? 'O, there you are.

But just when it finally occurs to Iraqi leaders to start closing off their borders with Iran and Syria to staunch the constant influx of foreign illegals, President Bush's "first instinctual" is to "proposition a guest worker program for undocumented insurgence." What, no martyr left behind? Hmm, maybe not such a bad idea, really. Give us your poor, your tired, your befuddled masses yearning to eat hot lead from an AC-130 Spectre gunship..."
American Citizen Soldier


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