Friday, February 23, 2007

The end of the coalition in Iraq

"After the decision by the UK government to pull about one third of its troops from Basrah and the gradual withdrawal of the rest, the USA may well be left alone especially after the withdrawal of the rest of the coalition forces.

The US government itself is under pressure to do the same and withdraw from Iraq especially after the enormous losses in the number of helicopters downed in Baghdad recently.

We said before that the best way for the Iraq problem is to support the Iraqis to have strong and well trained and equipped army and security forces so as to fill any vacuum before existed when the MNF troops withdraw. Indeed the Iraqis should take over time before the MNF leaving. Other than that and with any vacuum left by the MNF Al-Qaeda or its supporters may take over and the consequences are very well known if this is allowed to happen."


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