Thursday, January 18, 2007

An update from Jon - Update No. 28

"Salve! (Hello!) An Interesting Experience in Baghdad!

"Since it has been such an uneventful couple of weeks I thought I would take this time to describe to you all a rather unique experience I have had on this deployment.

You see, every two weeks or so I go and get my hair cut. Now, this would not be a particularly interesting topic if it weren't for the Indians that run the barber shop. No, I am not talking about Native Americans. I mean Indians who are actually from India.

Now an Indian hair cut is a very relaxing event, and they do a pretty decent job as well! First, they start with a quick scalp and shoulder massage. They then cut your hair and take their time with it, stopping frequently to BS with their fellow barbers (God knows what they are talking about, but they seem jovial enough!). After the haircut they hold a big mirror behind your head and you can tell them if anything is jacked up, which sometimes you have to do, but they don't take offense to it. After the haircut they rub some sort of powder on your head, which feels awesome! Finally, they give you another quick scalp and shoulder massage. All this for $3 plus tip! Gotta love being in the Army! "
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