Thursday, January 18, 2007

Some people think I am 'sectarian'

"I hear a lot of Arabs accusing each other of being 'sectarian' these days. What is sectarian? When did sectarian become a dirty word? Arabs insist that Saddam's regime was not sectarian, but the top members of Saddam's government were Tikriti, and I venture to guess that the vast majority of his victims were Kurds and Shia, especially if the three quarter million Iranians who were killed in Saddam's war are also counted as his victims.

A Google search of 'sectarian conflict Iraq' gives over a million results - the first page lists mostly articles from the American mainstream press, all but two published in 2006, and none from the Arab media. One article in the Turkish Weekly caught my eye - it was written by Cengiz Candar, who acknowledged in February 2006 that the conflict was sectarian in nature, and that it had already been a 'low-intensity civil war' until the bombing of the Askari shrine:"
Iraqi Mojo


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