Thursday, January 18, 2007

Iraqis need a political solution

"Nadim al-Jabiri is a professor of political science at Baghdad University, a member of Iraq's parliament, and the head of the Islamic Virtue Party (Al-Fadhila). Here is a piece he sent me about the latest surge:

"Despite the overwhelming demands of the majority of Americans and Iraqis to end the war and occupation of Iraq, and despite the Baker-Hamilton report's recommendations for de-escalation, President Bush and Prime Minister al-Maliki are designing a new "surge" targeting the Iraqi capital.

Many Iraqis welcomed the first few steps President Bush took following the release of the Baker-Hamilton report recommendations, like pressuring Mr.
Al-Maliki to include more Sunnis in the government, reconsidering the de-Baathification process, and re-evaluating the laws for distributing oil revenue. But the current Bush-Maliki plan for attacking Baghdad shows that the Baker-Hamilton report was not taken seriously enough. In fact, the new Bush-Maliki strategy is the polar opposite of that report's major recommendations."
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