Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Distant Memory...

"Yesterday, and after 17 years, I finally saw my cousin again. I saw my cousin not in Iraq, but here in the Emirates. Yes, we left a few days back. BIAP (Baghdad International Airport) was buzzing with people. People who seemed to be leaving for a long long time. I saw families upon families pushing trolleys filled with large boxes and huge bags. Of all the times I travelled through BIAP, I really have never seen so many people travelling. It was shocking. The airport security was pretty good, just like any other international airport in the world. As I went to get searched in the women's section, the lady asked whether I was carrying a nail clip, a tweezer or pair of scissors. That impressed me, it was as if I was in a normal airport. She actually was talking to me in English, and I answered her back in Iraqi. The lady just stared and said :you are Iraqi?" I nodded, then she said but definitely living outside, I just smiled. I have no clue how can they tell whether I live inside or out, that just boggles my mind all the time."


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