Thursday, August 31, 2006

TAK Terror Group Carries Out a Series of Bombings in Turkey

"Over the past few days, Turkey has been hit by a string of bombings. On Sunday night and Monday morning, four separate blasts injured at least twenty people. The first blast, which came around 11:00 p.m. Sunday in the garden of an Istanbul school, wounded at least six. Then, just after midnight, the Aegean Sea resort town of Marmaris experienced three blasts. According to the Turkish Daily News, the first of these bombs "ripped through a shuttle bus ferrying tourists along one of the resort's main streets" after being placed under one of its seats. Subsequently, two other bombs stashed in garbage bins exploded, causing no injuries, "though some reports suggested those had not detonated properly."
Later on Monday, a bomb exploded in the coastal resort city of Antalya. Two people were killed in the explosion, and a third died later in the hospital. And another blast in the port city of Mersin injured a twenty-year-old woman."
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I have to go on the record condemning these acts of violence, and terrorism.

Telling my Kurdish friends that this action is totally counter productive. This is just going to prove to people that the PKK is a terrorist organization. These were all tourist targets, the aim to kill the tourist trade and hurt the Turkish economy.

No one is going to buy that it's some new group, this is the PKK and it has to stop, not escalate.

Live by the sword, and you will die by that sword.


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