Thursday, August 31, 2006


Well it's out, Ali of "A Free Iraqi" has thrown in the towel. The other day I reported that Ali's blog had been hacked, but we know now that that's not true. Ali closed it down. What we don't know is why he closed it. There are a few speculations that run the gambit from death threats to just plain old depression at the current state of things in Iraq. You can make up your own mind which one you like best. Maybe he'll come out and clear the air, but for now, it's the sound of silence.

I don't know if Ali reads here, I doubt it, but I just want to say, Thanks. Thanks for the great post you did jive us, thanks for the time you spent with us, and thanks for the effort, and passion you put into your blog.
We each do what we can, and give what we have to give. No one can ask for more.


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