Thursday, August 31, 2006

Okay, Let me explain this one more time

"I got another email, well intentioned I'm sure, from some Lefty who tried to explain what was really happening in the world today, so I'd understand how wrong I am. Look, I am perfectly fine with the idea that two smart people can hold completely divergent opinions on what the facts are underpinning virtually any part of the world as it exists today. But I don't need things explained to me as if I'm a moron. I'm not an idiot simply because I chose to be a soldier. I know, perfectly well, every single argument you can come up with as to why Bush is a greater threat to US interests than islamic fascism. I really do. I just don't believe it; but I do know why some very smart people believe it, and I don't think they are dumb because of it.
To Lefties only: I know it's a major foundation of your thinking that soldiers are by and large, dumb."
4 Mile Creek
"Hey I know I'm smart, my recruiter told me so." :)


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