Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where In the World...

"If you're wondering where I am and why I haven't written anything brilliant and scintilating for two days, I'm busy working on Project Valour IT. Something you should be doing, too.

That's right, you can help by donating, posting information on your blog or journal or simply spreading the word to other bloggers, friends, family, radio and newspapers or other entities (like your employer, church group, American Legion, VFW, hint, hint)."
The Middle Ground
I posted this because on the surface it looks like a good idea, and Kat is a smart, articulate and trustworthy blogger, so it must be OK. But I just find it a bit ironic, that they are going to give the soldier communication after they have been wounded, but at the same time are curtailing the and or trying to stop outright the blogging that soldiers do while on duty. You guys might want to be careful as the new rules may not actually allow wounded soldiers to tell their stories, and by giving them access you may get them in trouble. Of course if it gets the word out, I'm all for it, anyway.


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