Saturday, April 30, 2005

"-AYS is back to blogging again after a very long hiatus, only this time he's showing more pessimism in his words."
"We at the Community of Democracies must use the power of our shared ideals to accelerate democracy’s movement to ever more places around the globe. We must usher in an era of democracy that thinks of tyranny as we thought of slavery today: a moral abomination that could not withstand the natural desire of every human being for a life of liberty and of dignity.

Well said and bravo.

(But by the way, Condi, I can't leave this without adding that this is exactly why it was wrong for your boss to go hand-holding with an oily tyrant.)"

What's Next?

"I never had to use my grenades, but it sure was nice to know they were there. Plenty of other guys used them though, and I bet they were glad they had them. My AT-4 definitely came in handy after one of our Bradley’s got hit by a RPG. We unloaded everything we had on the house it originated from. Everything we had included two AT-4's, one of which was mine. Needless to say no more RPG’s were fired at us from that house, and the Bradley and the guys in it were able to move to safety. What if that happened today? I guess we could send in a negotiator asking the bad guys to please not shoot at us anymore. Or maybe we could get a UN resolution restricting the use of any form of shoulder-fired rocket. I’m sure all of the bad guys would comply as we no doubt would. “Akbar, put that RPG away, you know what the rule states, we can’t use shoulder fired rockets anymore. It would be unfair advantage over the American infidels who have taken them away from their soldiers.” “You’re right Mohammed, thank you for helping me do the right thing.”"
A Day in Iraq
New Milblogger, I just found, and this made me laugh.

Bombs Rock Baghdad Again

"Listen by Scott Simon and Philip Reeves

Weekend Edition - Saturday, April 30, 2005 · Two bombs explode in different parts of Baghdad, killing three people and adding to a recent rash of violence. Nearly 30 people died Friday after a series of explosions in the Iraqi capital."
Ahh, the wonders of modern technologies, on display here. Who's is the worst case of a public threat? An e-mail, or the dot over someone, who may or may not be "our" Jeffrey.

Cool picture

Democracy possibly proceeding in Iraq?

"I have decided to take down-- for now!-- the "Democracy Denied in Iraq" counter that has been a feature of the JWN sidebar for more than seven weeks now."
Just World News
Wow this is change, this new government may not be able to fix everything, but just look at what a it has already accomplished! It has managed to change the side bar of this blog!! I mean what more could you ask?

Look I am as anti Bush as they come, But I refuse to hold the Iraqi people hostage, in exchange for a Bush failure. If freeing the Iraqi people means that I have to accept a Bush victory, then I will swallow that pill, and with a smile. The Iraqi people and their future should not be a political trade. We should all cooperate in any way we can to help the Iraqis build a descent state that represents their wishes and hopes for their future, and oppose Bush on anything else. I for one will not do it come hell of high water. I will never put my own political leanings in the way of the Iraqi people.

Earth-science satellite network in jeopardy

"The US network of satellites monitoring the environmental health of the Earth is on the verge of collapse, according to a highly critical report released on Wednesday by the country’s National Research Council."

Mother's Day

""Now troops serving overseas have no excuse for forgetting to send a card on Mother’s Day., one of the newest members of the Defense Department’s America Supports You campaign, will allow all servicemembers in Iraq and Afghanistan to order Mother’s Day cards online and send them home for free. The California-based business will offer the free cards from April 22 until Mother’s Day, May 8, but troops must order by May 2 for delivery in time for the holiday.""
Steven Kiel

President of The Mass Graves

"Today, the terrorists showed their disapproval of the new Iraqi government by killing more Iraqis. These animals go wild each time there's a positive development in Iraq. Ba'athists remnants and foreign rerrorists live on shedding more and more Iraqi blood. It's made worse because there are people who still consider them "resistance fighters". Resisting what? I have no idea. The terrorists' supporters probably supported Saddam's acts when he was in power and considered him a national hero."
Iraqi in America

Another Hitaus

"I think we are being hit by another hitaus. I will be away for a couple of weeks. If you have any questions or want updates on Kurdistan and Iraq related news please visit the lively discussions at these forums here.

Women are becoming super-strong in post-war Kurdistan and also somehow Iraq. Imagine if one of these Peshmerga women was your wife : (Stop snoring or else ! )"
Kurdo's World
Have fun, don't spend too much money

Hawler International Airport Finally Opened

"And wat better to celebrate than a little dancing. Here is a link to the story in kurdish. Haven't seen any english ones yet."
Don't these guys know there's a war going on? What are they doing dancing, celebrating, and opening Airports...I have said it before, the Kurds already defeated the west once, been there, done that... I think this time they have there sights set on the East

Response to Raed Jarrar

"In his longest blog entry to date, Raed Jarrar explains in some detail his views on matters in Iraq."
Iraqi Bloggers Central
Thanks Jeffrey someone has to do it!
"This is the face of the resistance that many people are praising and cheering for and this is the resistance that many people like to describe as pure Iraqi and patriotic.
This is the resistance that some journalists and bloggers proudly celebrate its victims' count on their papers and websites.
I can't find any reason for supporting such crimes but a mere anti-freedom sick ideology"

Expected another bloody day in Iraq

Today is the first day of the first elected government in Iraq for more than 50 years. We expected therefore that the criminal thugs among the cockroaches to try to kill and destroy as much as they can."

Friday, April 29, 2005


"Another journal, someone who just happens/ed to be in Kirkuk-Sulimaniya-Arbil with a camera..."
Iraq Blog Count

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Between two birthdays.

"This morning, the National Assembly approved Jafaris cabinet in an exceptional session; at the beginning of the session, Hachim Al-Hasani the chairman of the assembly read Dr. Jafari's letter and enumerated the 36 names of the future ministers as well as those of the deputies of the prime minister."
I would like to congratulate all my Iraqi friends on this momentous occasion. Long live a free and democratic Iraq. And may it spread to all her neighbors.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Insurgents Kill Iraqi Female Assembly Member

"Lamia Abed Khadouri al-Sakri was elected to the Iraqi National Assembly on January 30th in Iraq’s historical elections. This morning she was the first member of Parliament to die at the hands of insurgents as they broke into her home in Baghdad’s Hay Aur neighborhood and shot her to death."

Let the work begin.

"In a press conferefnce in Baghdad a few hours ago, Prime Minister Ibrahim Al-Jafgari announced that he handed the presidency council a draft that contains the names he included in his cabinet."
"This morning at church we sent off our Pastor's daughter, who will soon be going to Iraq with the Air Force."
Iraq Calling
"Sorry to those who have emailed me lately and haven't received a response. We just had our 5th child and things are crazy. Most of my (other) work gets done after 9:30pm.

I promise I'll get back to the birds in my next post. Several folks have sent me their latest sightings and the general observation that many of the wintering birds have left and migrants continue to pass through. The summer residents are getting situated."
Birding Babylon
Congratulations on the birth of your child! If you like lizards follow the link for some great pictures of Iraqi lizards, funny J posted pictures of his lizards, and not of his new child, oh well.


" The day before last the temperature soared, the temperature spiking in the triple digits. Although the air was thick with heat the real misery came from the unforgiving glare of the desert sun. As the hard rays poured down like an incandescent waterfall the FOB became a very different place. Soldiers still moved across the FOB, but the meandering paths of spring were replaced by dagger straight lines that minimized the distance between buildings. The only superfluous movement was the distorted atmospheric dance of air boiling off of tin roofs."
365 and a Wakeup

Show your support for freedom

"Visit the Iraq Files Store.
read more here

I received this e-mail a few days ago- for those of you who are interested:

read more here

Photo Submissions
"Show the world your perspective on life in Iraq. If you are an American on duty in Iraq, or the family or friend of someone serving there, The Washington Post and invite you to submit your photos of everyday life in the region. Pictures of American soldiers, other service members and civilians are welcome — we want to give you the opportunity to show firsthand what it’s like to live and work in Iraq."
read more here

Dark Humor

""Things just aren’t as funny as they used to be anymore, you know?" Gilbert yelled from the driver seat in the HUMVEE. "It's like... you know how I have all those comedy movies? I'll start watching one and I don't laugh. It's not funny anymore. So I'll just turn it off.""
This is Your War
"One of the brilliant Iraqi bloggers who had been using the Friends of Democracy Arabic blogging tool has started a blog in English.
Now you go and read his thoughts on Iraq and his city "Diwaniyah" in English here."

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The British Elections and Iraq War

"President Talabani's support letter for Tony Blair.
"In a letter to Mr Blair, the Kurdish politician said history will judge him as a champion against tyranny and offered condolences to British families who lost loved ones in the conflict.

I guess Mr. President also thought it was necessary to support friends when they are in need. I think we understand that the Iraq war might be looked over differently in Britain and might take the shape of "trust" but I hope that the British voters would also take into consideration the suffering of the Iraqi people under the rule of Saddam Hussein. After all the negative issues of the war, in conclusion we are better off without Saddam."
Kurdo's World

Iraq's Al-Jaafari Submitting Proposal for Cabinet (Update3)

"April 26 (Bloomberg) -- Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Ibrahim al-Jaafari has drafted a list of proposed cabinet ministers, ending almost 13 weeks of political deal-making and moving a step closer to forming a new government."
Let's hope that this time it's true and they finally get their act together. The Iraqi people deserve better, they deserve for the different factions to put thier differences aside and form a government. And start the work that they were elected to do.
Fayrouz of Iraqi in America reports on monster's she has seen, and how the Iraqi people are reporting their own monsters.
"Just to correct the impression that I might have created in the last post.

When we say the terrorists are Sunnis, it must not be overlooked that the Sunni areas themselves are the worst hit by these terrorists. The murders and atrocities going on in such places as the Anbar province, Mosul, Takrit, Sammara etc. are not against Shiaa or Kurdish or any such similar groups, but against Sunni Arabs of the purest stock. In fact most of these areas are held hostage by these groups, and good people there are living in the worst possible state of terror and intimidation."
The Mesopotamian

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Iraq counter-terror force

"The i.ct.f (the Iraq counter-terror force) is under formation now as part of the special operations brigade of the Iraqi army while Iraq will have the biggest anti-terror training field in the Middle East. Source: Al Sabah."

Corpses keep coming from Iraq's river of death

Update: April 26, 2005
The identity of the Bodies pulled from the river, and just when they were killed, and by who, is still in question.
Thanks Bushmeister0

"Guerillas and thugs made the Iraqi town of Madain their home, and the results are only now surfacing, writes James Hider in Baghdad
April 23, 2005
ABU Qaddum lays out the pictures of mutilated bodies dredged from the Tigris River like a player dealing cards."
The Australian
First, Thanks Abbas for posting this, OMG, I knew we had not heard the true story of the hostages yet, till now. I think this story is like a little peace of what's wrong in Iraq right now. This did not just happen, it's been going on for over a year. People have been going to Sistani and the ministry of the interior for help, yet nothing happened, Why? I understand that Sistani does not want to start a civil war, but just letting this fester, and letting these insurgents dig in and kill anyone at will would seem to me to only further the divide within the Iraqi population. Not to even mention the death and destruction of Iraq that it enables. And what does it do to a population if they can not sound an alarm, and have the authorities respond?
Now after reading this I get the felling that this incident is only the tip of the iceberg...Stay tuned, I am sure there is more to come after someone finally investigates this. How many other towns have been turned into insurgent training camps and killing fields.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


"Death has been busy this month. Not just here in Iraq, but now he has struck near Home for me and my wife."
This is Your War
"In one video, insurgents are seen capturing and shooting to death the lone survivor, identified as a Bulgarian pilot.

The Iraqi civilian told soldiers he knew where a blue pickup truck used in the attack was parked and led them to the site, the military said. When the soldiers reached the area, several other local residents confirmed the initial tip and showed them where the suspects lived, the statement said.

Soldiers started to search two houses at 12:30 a.m. (4:30 p.m. EDT Friday). At the first house, three men were captured and bomb-making materials were seized. At the second house, three more suspects were detained, the military said.

All six men were taken into custody for questioning. No further information was released."
"I have been really busy the last two days. The brother of my friend F was killed. He had just opened his own restaurant, a small one, and he was there with many members of his family, his son and many cousins. Then three car loads of men stopped, and they wanted to kidnap him. When they couldn't they shot him, right in front of his 15 years old son, who threw a chair on them trying to defend his father. I and M. spent the last two days going from the police station to the hospital where the body is and then to the morgue and then to arrange the funeral and all... In the morgue I carried the dead guy,"
Tell me a secret
Damn! Khalid we were just a talking about you and your "friends", and their indiscriminate tactic of directly targeting civilians. We all know that it makes no difference to the insurgency what side your on, you can be a supporter or not, it don't matter one bit. You are a target for violence. And being a supporter might even make it easier for them to target you directly. As they know who you are. Good luck Khalid, I think your going to need it.

Friday, April 22, 2005


"Yesterday afternoon LTC Tomahawk voice rang out in the hallway “LT Thunder”. I sprinted down the hallway, careful to skid to a stop with just enough room to walk into the office at a measured pace. Before I had a chance to report the commander looked up and said “LT – you will be traveling with me to the raid tonight. We will leave NET (No Earlier Then) 0300 in the morning. I suggest you get some rest"
365 and a Wakeup

Al-Qaeda Fights on in Mecca

"Two Muslim radicals and two policemen died Thursday in a running gun battle between the authorities and the jihadis in the Muslim holy city of Mecca. The Saudis said that the gunmen were linked to al-Qaeda. There has been a string of such violent incidents between the Saudi military and the jihadis during the past 4 years."
Juan Cole

War Story of the Day.

"Insurgents attack using two large trucks (one a fire engine) and Young Marines (younger than my oldest children) fight them off and sustain only minor injuries. WOW a MUST READ -Hearts of Fire"
The Daily Blogster

Iraq Hero Posted by Hello

U.S. Army defends embattled Stryker

"WASHINGTON — Citing videotaped testimonials from soldiers in Iraq, the Army yesterday returned fire in a battle with critics of its Stryker troop-carrying vehicle, which some say inadequately protects soldiers.

The Army says the Stryker has proved its worth in numerous combat engagements, although its own think tank, the Center for Army Lessons Learned, found numerous design flaws and other problems.

When the Army center's study of the Stryker's performance in Iraq received news coverage late last month, Army officials mounted a public defense of the 19-ton, eight-wheeled vehicle. Some see it as a forerunner of a new generation of lighter, more mobile Army combat vehicles."
The Seattle Times
From what I have heard, Joe loves his truck and he don't want to give it up.

Iraqi Tip Leads Soldiers to Terrorist Safe House

"BAGHDAD, Iraq - An Iraqi teenager's tip helped Task Force Baghdad Soldiers discover an insurgent safe house and take a terrorist into custody April 16.

The Soldiers searched the west Baghdad house the local Iraqi tipster reported and found two sets of U.S. Desert Camouflage Uniforms, one rocket propelled grenade sight and terrorist propaganda. The unit also detained and questioned a suspect at the site."
Via IraqFiles

Asking few questions makes a difference.

"There's a change of mentality that started to occur in Iraq even before the 9th of April, but toppling Saddam marked a surge in the change process that made it transfere into an active form and spread wider than before."
Free Iraqi
It's never easy to change a mindset that has been ground into a society for so long and from so many different sources. It takes time, but I think Ali is right, the people of Iraq are learning fast. They better, and they know it, or the old wolf will catch them again and eat them up.

Immigration discussion moved out front

"Yesterday, I posted a link and some comments about a bill in the NC Legislature that would let illegal immigrants living in North Carolina pay in-state tuition in order to attend NC's public universities. There were some thought-provoking comments left in that thread and I thought I would start a new post with the comments and my response in order to continue the disussion."
Silflay Hraka -by Kehaar
I haven't even had time to read this, but it looks interesting.
"Here is the translation I promised you of the Arabic post before last:

How can we thank the Americans?"
By Hashim Al-Sudani,

Via The Mesopotamian
Thanks Alaa

Mail Call

In a resent e-mail, I was asked:

"Did you check out the "religious policeman?" Alhamedi Alanezi he is one brave man. His last post was in April of last year. I'm just wondering what happened to him.

If anyone is a symbol of the great new democratic awakening in the Middle East, it's this guy.

Maybe, you know or you can ask your readers if they have any news on him.
I think the way I heard the story, one of the other KSA bloggers got caught, or something, people got scared and shut down their blogs...something like that...Other bloggers from the region I think said that he was fine, just waiting it out...last I heard...Story developing...If anyone knows more, or could provide a link to any other discussions on this or any other missing bloggers out there, it would be appreciated. I have brought to these pages any news of blogger abuse when I've seen it out there, and the reading public is always encouraged and welcome to bring any news relating to this fucking war to these pages. And freedom of speech and expression, the free flow of information are as important to this conflict, as the bullets bombs and knives.

Hi Everybody,

"This is a hurried post to update you on the latest developments.

The enemy is escalating his attacks. He is trying very hard to spark the sectarian war that he desperately needs. Rwandan Style genocidal atrocities seem to be the order of the day"
The Mesopotamian

Thursday, April 21, 2005

An Egyptian Anecdote

"This little anecdote was told to me by my co-worker W. today and i thought i would share it with y'all. Make of it what you please:"
Fear what else would you call it?

Patrol Day

"The patrol stopped just short of the house with the red gate, where Fatima, her mother and brothers lived. I looked around trying to find it, walking up the street trying to remember after I told myself I would never forget. I was happy that I would be able to see them again and return their dishes, that had become important to me."
This is Your War
"Retired Gen. John Keane, back from a fact-finding trip to Iraq, told The Hill that he thinks the Iraqi guerrilla opposition is planning "spectacular" attacks to derail th political process in the country. His thesis was given some support by events on Wednesday."

"In the on-again, off-again saga of the Shiite hostages of Madaen, evidence surfaced Wednesday that the hostages had indeed been taken. The guerrillas who captured them appear to have executed them and dumped the bodies in the Tigris, according to Iraqi President Jalal Talabani.

It seems likely that this tragedy in part implicates the heavy-handed response of Iraqi and US forces to the hostage crisis. They just dispatched troops to Madaen, which is always a good way to send the hostage-takers into a panic and get the hostages killed."
Juan Cole
I wonder what exactly Juan Cole would think the correct response to insurgents taking over a whole town, really is?

Worsened security in Iraq

"More than 2 years passed since the fall of the tyrant regime in Baghdad and the beginning of the occupation. Officially the occupation ended by the end of the CPA which represent the authority of the occupied forces, however in practice the multinational forces lead by the US are still considered as occupied forces."

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Reports reveal Zarqawi nuclear threat

"Recurrent intelligence reports say al Qaeda terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi has obtained a nuclear device or is preparing a radiological explosive -- or dirty bomb -- for an attack, according to U.S. officials, who also say analysts are unable to gauge the reliability of the information's sources."
Washington Times
I am posting this because, well just because, I don't believe it.
"UPDATE 04/20/2005 10:55AM
The CNN reported this morning:

Iraq President Jalal Talabani said dozens of bodies have been found in the Tigris River south of Baghdad.

He said the bodies were people who had been held hostage earlier this week in Madain, a village south of Baghdad.

"More than 50 bodies have been brought out from the Tigris, and we have the full names of those who were killed and those criminals who committed these crimes," Talabani said.

Iraqi American

Troop bloggers gain more attention.

"Troop bloggers gain more attention. Christian Science Monitor Reports- hat tip to a Marine mom!

Countless soldiers - some recently returned from the war, others still there - have set up their own Web logs or "blogs" and chat rooms, communicating their day-to-day war experience, complaining about the brass (as all soldiers do), and looking for support. All of which raises a question about war in the Age of the Internet: Is all this electronic chatter good or bad for morale and discipline?

Soldiers are able to have direct and frequent e-mail exchanges with friends and families at home as well as check out websites providing a view of how things are going in Iraq that may differ from official accounts. One well-visited blog is written by a 25 year-old Iraqi woman in Baghdad reporting on civilian life.

Personal e-mails and blog entries from Iraq detail what it's like to live in a world of regular mortar attacks or, as one described recently, the weirdness of coming upon a rosebush in full bloom in the midst of the rubble, and smelling the flowers' fragrance bursting through the diesel smoke of battle tanks. Full Story HERE"
The Daily Blogster

Sewage and Kobah

"The IED exploded with a muffled boom that I felt through the soles of my boots, up through my legs and lower body and into my chest. The world was strangly silent in the seconds afterward. I glanced back at the explosion, light colored dust had been lifted off the ground by the shockwave, spreading outward in a ring - low, about a foot off the ground, just now starting to be caught by the wind and drift away. At the center a column of dirty black smoke and dust rose and fanned out into the sky. "
This is Your War

IRAQ: Religious and ethnic minorities want rights enshrined in new constitution

"BAGHDAD, 20 Apr 2005 (IRIN) - Iraqi NGOs, representing minority ethnic groups in the country, held a two-day conference in the capital Baghdad this week to ensure that their rights are enshrined in the new constitution being drafted by the transitional government.

“Through this conference, we have tried to highlight the fact that Iraqi minorities have the right to be involved in the preparation and writing of the new constitution to ensure our rights are the same as other groups such as the Muslims and Christians,” director of the Iraqi Commission for Civil Society Enterprises (CCSE), Basel al-Azawi, told IRIN in Baghdad.

The event, organised by the CCSE, came to an end on Tuesday. It resulted in the formation of a committee which will liaise with the new government to ensure that minority rights are genuinely protected under the new constitution.
Christian Iraq

Troubled Iraqi Blogger Saleem Receives A Death Threat

"Saleem from Free Iraq's middle name should be "Troubles". As he's had more troubles lately than your average ten persons combined.
His father died from a heart attack last year, unable to make it to a hospital in time, because of the security situation in Iraq. Saleem's cousin, who greatly helped out Saleem's family after his father's death, was recently shot and killed by terrorists. Now Saleem has received a threatening
letter and has decided to put his Blogging on hold for a while:"
IBC -Mister Ghost

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Fauna and Fears of Open Spaces...How People Change

"Before spending so much time over here in the Middle East, I was never one of those people who would go out of their way to avoid killing a bug; I never went out of my way to kill bugs, but if one got killed...oh well. *shrugs* Consequently, I never really cared if someone would stomp on a bug.

However, I have noticed that while over here I have been offended by those who actively try to stomp on bugs. If I see someone harassing or attempting to kill a bug, I get after them for doing that and tell them to leave the bug alone; it seriously irks me. Yesterday I even took a ladybug who wandered over to me and set it in an area where it was less likely to be bothered."
Hunter Dane

What happened in Mdaien?

"Mdaien or Salman Bak is one of the most historic beautiful places South of Baghdad. Shiites and Sunnis lived there for so long time with out problems.

Two days ago groups of terrorists included Baathists from the old regime, Wahabis, and criminals from Iraq and Arab countries took more than 100 Shiites hostages including women and children. They tried to ignite a civil war and to spread into other areas. They then can execute large scale attacks and inflame the situation.

The only thing which foiled their plan was the stand of the Iraqi citizens in Mdaien with the Iraqi forces entered the city. The people provided important information about the terrorists who killed their hostages and escaped into the other side of the river.
At least 50 bodies were recovered later a little bit south in the river Tigris."
Boy! this story just keeps changing, just when you thought you had a handle on it, it takes another turn. I don't know where Sam gets his info, but he's usually right about these things. I do know one thing for sure, this is only the first salvo in the upcoming campaign. This enemy is neither down or out.
Keep you Head up, and you Ass down.
< click here > "
My War
I have not had time to listen yet.

Friendly Fire

"When you have been working your butt off to try to please everyone and succeed at your job, the last ting you want is to have someone from "your side" stab you in the back. My guys and I have spent over three months busting our butts to get this package up to speed. We have had to deal with everything from equipment failures, to incorrect and insufficient information to install our circuits. We have met every test and passed with flying colors, but these knuckle heads that we are supporting seem to be out to get us, and now it seems that the OIC (officer in charge) that has been placed over us is working for the other team!"
Soldier's Paradise II
"The Badr Corps claims to be in military control of Muthanna province, including the city of Samawah. Regional Badr leader Hadi al-Amiri said Monday that Samawah is secure, and there is no need for Australian troops to be deployed there. The Dutch used to be stationed in Samawah but have gone home, and are due to be replaced by 450 Australian troops. In fact, local policing in Samawah has been supplied by the Badr Corps of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq for some time. At one point the Dawa Party militia was also patrolling there. Al-Amiri's comment is the opening salvo in a struggle for control of the Iraqi south, where Shiite religious parties now control the provincial councils and therefore the police and bureaucracy."
Juan Cole

Hostage stories

Ali from Free Iraqi brings another look at the hostage story, which as you all know has been all over the place. But I still have my doubts, and I am not convinced yet as to what's going on. For one Ali's theory does not seem to close all the loops, like the ones brought by this story linked by Fayrouz. Why would the Sunni/Shi'a alliance give up their car bomb factories, and munitions dumps?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Travels in Iraq: Paladin Depot

"Thank God for our Iraqi correspondents, else new content would be even rarer.

On the plus side, my Night Elf now has a parrot!

Here's the latest from LTC Bob. As per usual, the words below are his, and the value-added, or value-subtracted, depending on your point of view, editing is mine."
Silflay Hraka


"I finally got a day off! WOHOO! Lately, we have been working our ass off. Lately it has been about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night, and almost out in the city twice as long as a normal 8 hour shift. Though, it has been very quiet. Probably that is a testament to all of our hard work lately. I won't be able to probably blog for 3 or 4 more days because of the work schedule."
Boots on the Ground
He takes a little look at stress and some of its implications, like the dreams in this post. I wonder if that's a good sign or bad?

Some news from Iraq.

Today's session of the National Assembly:
Women rights:
Negotiations for the formation of the new governement:
ITM -Mohammed
This post covers a swath of news
"It turns out the story that Sunni guerrillas had kidnapped 100 Shiites in Mada'in and were threatening to kill them may have little or even nothing to it. Iraq is prime ground for the spread of poisonous rumors, since the poor security situation makes it difficult for journalists to check stories, and the battling factions have every reason to circulate falsehoods."
Juan Cole
The latest twist, in this story.

Update on Mada'en crisis.

"This morning I decided to make my stay at the clinic shorter than usual because I wanted to follow the developments of the hostage-taking case in Mada'en.
Since the clinic is located in the southern part if Baghdad and it would theoretically take half an hour to reach Mada'en, I took permission from my boss and decided to go as close as possible to the event zone."

Sunday, April 17, 2005

17 April 2005 Events in Iraq

"Baghdad. Shi'ite and Kurdish MPs are concerned by the delay in forming a new government. Outgoing Foreign Minister and MP Hoshyar Zebari, a Kurd, and MP Houmam Hamoudi, a Shi'a, say they believe the delay has fueled the resistance.

Mosul. Four police and five civilians were killed in separate incidents across northern Iraq.

Baghdad. Iraqi security sources said they arrested Izzat Ibrahim in March. The US had placed a bounty of $10 million on Ibrahim, a nephew of Saddam Hussein."
Nur al-Cubicle

Ladies & Gentlemen, We got 'em!

"I am finally able to post this one because I now have reasonable certainty that we have all off the scumbags involved in the killing of CPL Watkins in custody. They all went down without a fight when we burst through their doors in the middle of the night."
Major K.
Update: more twist and turns to this story than a country road. Here is and update to the Update
"So the story on the gunmen abducting 60 Iraqi hostages turn out to true after a day of confusion, yesterday and on Al-Jazeera, Muqtada al-sadr deny that any hostage been taken in the city of al-mada’an"
Baghdad Dweller
Warning, my computer always crashes when I go there, I have written Ladybird about the problem, and have been told that it's a problem With IE and not her blog, she recommends Firefox for all her visitors

U.S. troops, insurgents wield pens as well as swords

"MOSUL, Iraq — It’s just spray-painted graffiti, but the writing on the wall gets the attention of U.S. troops: “Warning to all policemen: You will be killed.” Soldiers then storm into the compound, demanding the owners erase the death threat against the Americans’ Iraqi allies.

“If I come back tomorrow and it’s still there, I’ll fix it myself, and you won’t like it,” Capt. Blake Lackey says sternly. “I’ll tear the wall down.”"
Stryker News
Thanks too The Daily Blogster

Attention Reuters, you ignorant bunch of whores

Update: with a new twist, this thing is everywhere!
"Your cheap little scoop could cost hundreds of lives.
I hope you're happy.
And yes, I wouldn't want to put a byline on that piece, either.
Splash, out

This Past Week at the Bridge

"We are no longer allowed to give them water, a temporary shortage the last time we were here brought about this cruel rule. I used to give out water like candy, not thinking that our endless supply might possibly come to an end. But it did, and for a day we had to ration what little water we had until we could be re-supplied, causing us to ask passing convoys for any water they could spare. It was almost embarrassing to have to wave down a passing convoy and beg for water."......"Each vehicle was proudly displaying the new Iraqi flag"..(Which one is that?)
A Day In Iraq
"BAGHDAD (AFP) - Iraqi politicians called for a major military strike against a belt of towns south of Baghdad after Sunni gunmen took an entire community hostage and threatened to kill its Shiite residents."
Yahoo News

A Little Predictability Please!

They call it planning,
"For as long as I have been in the Army, I have heard commanders talking about how they intend to make our lives (their soldiers) as predictable as possible. I'm not sure exactly what they are doing to accomplish this, but it seems as a whole the Army needs to rethink it's strategy here."
Soldier"s Paradise II
Apparently not a Faith based initiative

Alert: Al-Qaeda Threat

"In response to the recent killing of Qaeda figures in Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda is likely planning major attack plus several small attacks inside Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region."
Sam is back after a long vacation.

Security forces raided a town in central Iraq

"BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi security forces raided a town in central Iraq on Sunday where Sunni militants were holding dozens of Shiite Muslims hostage and threatening to kill them unless all Shiites left the area, an Iraqi official said. "
Yahoo News
I think this is what Omar, from Iraq the Model, was talking about? Whcih was the first I had heard of it.

Hamas has begun operating a "vice and virtue commando" in the Gaza Strip to safeguard Islamic values

"Sharia alert in the Palestinian Authority. As Charles Johnson at LGF notes, this is what the Islamic state that the Palestinians want to establish will be like. This is one of many reasons why no one in the West should support the jihad against Israel. Israel is a Western-style republic; the Sharia state that the Palestinian Arabs want to establish there will be a repressive authoritarian regime that will make life miserable for everyone. "Woman walking with fiance murdered," from the Jerusalem Post, with thanks to LGF:"
Dhimmi Watch
Don't this remind you of someone?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

A bloody revolt in a tiny village challenges the rulers of China

"Jonathan Watts reports from Huankantou where protesters angry at corruption and poverty repelled 1,000 riot police. But now fear is replacing euphoria"
I found this at Let's Talk about democracy- by Bushmeiser0 the new link on the side bar. Take a look, he just might be on to something. But I have a question, you think the protest are something new, or has it become easier for information to move in and around China, and now we and the people in China just are able to see more of it?

Friday, April 15, 2005

In Iraqis We Trust

"Through their democratically elected representatives, the people of Iraq have entrusted me with the office of the presidency of the republic"
Jalal Talabani
- Mr. Talabani is the president of Iraq.
This is the full text of the presidents first speech, from a few days ago I found at Sandmonkey. I had only seen bits of it.

Attack of the Hippies

"I'd say that these people, extremists who can't accept the reality of the world we now live in, are the reason. They have hijacked the well-intentioned liberals who have real, well-thought reasons for opposition the Iraq war and the current administration. Some of the conservative Muslims on campus (including the hijab squad) were also at the demonstration - two groups of people who have nothing in common except a knee-jerk reaction towards American "imperialism". When you become more concerned about criticizing American foreign policy than human freedoms, women's rights and defeating terrorism, you know you're in trouble."
Nadz Online
From Jeffrey at IBC

Those Were The Days.....

"These are videos of Saddam's men torturing people. I couldnt even continue watching, too disturbing too real. Be warned these videos are really DISTURBING and GRAPHIC. If you can watch them, watch them and then come to me and tell me that it wasnt worth it removing Saddam and his tyrant regime. Watch them and then come to me and tell me that these criminals on tv are being unjustifyingly slapped around."
Neurotic Iraqi Wife

Rules of Engagement

"My head snapped up. Shots. I couldn't tell if they were out going or incoming but they were close, close enough to be dangerous to me. We hear gunfire all the time here, on the camp, on patrol, talking on the phone, it's a constant in our lives now, like sirens are back in The World, you take note of them but as long as they are not near enough to concern you it's somebody else's problem."
This is Your War

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The forgotten peopel of northern kurdistan

"some Kurdish Students peacefully did a protest against torture and hard conditions of Turkish prisons...then more than 2000 racist Turk -Not Police- attack to these Kurd Students and beat them in order to kill them , 2 kurdish students been killed and 4 been badly injuired ....Read AFP's report or Simko's post about it ."
See a little bit of Turkey Though the eyes of an Iranian Kurd.

In Fallujah, U.S. Envoy Greeted by Complaints

In Mosul, a Battle 'Beyond Ruthless'

America, here I come!

I just can't write these days cause my exams are being so close, as I said I will be in Amman right after the exams so if you can do anything that might helps me of getting to America, I would be very thankful.
Nabil's Blog
Anyone out there have any experience with visa issues, please drop by Nabils blog and give him a tip. He want's to visit the US, and maybe study at a US collage. So if you can offer any advise, drop him a line.


"The increasing number of blogs emerging from Iraq is allowing us to get a better view at what's happening in different cities, small towns and even villages. Everyday there are more people starting new blogs either in Arabic or in English.
More people here are learning more about the simplicity of blogs, their capabilities and potentials in connecting people and overriding the barriers of distance.

I have always liked the horizontal conversation that blogs allow; no filters or chief editors omitting whole chunks from your article and you don't have to please anyone with your writing. It's simply a person to person conversation as you all know."
When you follow the link scroll way down for the blogs and pictures..

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


""Go! Go! Go!" I was slapped on the back and charged toward the breech. I was going to be the first man in the courtyard of the house, SSG Harvey, Keo and Al right on my heels."
This is Your War

Interview with Jalal Talabani

"From the French newspaper Libération, by Christophe BOLTANSKI - April 13thl 2005. so Kurds could control if MamJalal says the same things to foreign press than to Iraqi :)...

C. B : A Kurd, President of Irak. An historical moment!

J.T : It marks a new era in the history of our country. For the first time, its leaders are chosen with democratic elections, which are not imposed by a coup. For me, as a Kurd, it means henceforth a complete equality between all the Iraqis. The Kurds are not any more second class citizens."
KBU -Piling

Alive In BAGHDAD.....

"London, April 9 2003

Woke up in a rush, my whole body aching, have only been sleeping 3 hours a day for the past 3 weeks. I didnt want to miss the infamous information minister's comic appearance. Switched on the TV and settled on Sky News. It was the only channel that I kinda liked and believed."
Neurotic Iraqi Wife
I had not seen this excellent post from Nurotica, so if you missed it too, go catch up

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Baghdad's Mistress

"Baghdad's Mistress is a completely new Iraqi blog, and she comes to the scene making a splash but getting a mixed review from some of the old guard Iraqi bloggers. Some don't believe she is real or Iraqi, but others seemed to take to her without giving it a second though. You decide for yourself, and get back to me.

PS, I love the way her comments work, how do I do that to mine?

The New York Times

"America's Granma.

It's not enough that the New York Times - the Grey Lady, America's premiere newspaper - was complicit in fidel castro's rise to power forty some odd years ago. Or that they professed a love for Stalin years before that. No.

Despite history, despite all evidence of Stalin's mass graves and fidel castro's complete and total disregard for civil and human rights, the New York Times continues to be the bearded dictator's American arm of Granma, fidel castro's propaganda rag.

This time the Grey Lady isn't aiding and abetting a known murderer through editorials and slanted articles. It is actively and economically supporting fidel castro's regime under the guise of a cultural exchange:"
Babalu Blog

Monday, April 11, 2005

Letter from Dr. Hilda Molina

"Dr. Hilda Molina is a top Cuban brain surgeon who was denied a visa at the Argentine Embassy in Havana last year. She desperately wanted to visit her grandson in Buenos Aires. fidel suspected she might not be back, and so, instead of showing the world his 'family man' "concern" about uniting families, as he pretended to do in the case of Elian, he told her no, declaring that she was a commodity product belonging to the state, and therefore could never leave the country. Shamefully, the Argentines caved in and denied her an exit visa in response to savage pressure from fidel."
Babalu Blog

Blood or Oil

"When gas started its ascent past to the $2 mark six months ago, the Goingses had enough. Bob inquired at Dan Deery Toyota about buying one of those gas/electric hybrid cars he had heard so much about --- the Prius. He loved his Toyota Avalon, which averaged 28 miles per gallon on the highway, but
the Prius could cruise 55 miles on a gallon of gas.
Travel could still be affordable. ...plenty of other people are thinking the same thing"
Get the stocks now, the next wave could be in Hybrid stocks..The US could dump all it's old cars in Iraq, we could turn the place into one big Used car lot. What the neocons are really up to.
I hope the market makes the 55 MPG the minimum people will settle for when they buy a new car. Why don't congress jump in and do a Terri Schiavo, and offer some tax incentive to help move that number up closer to 100 MPG. Maybe they could move the CAFE up to where it should be.
If your going down to buy a new car, remember our Hybrid car theme song: "Blood for oil"
"April 18 issue - Two numbers have dominated White House discussions about the president's domestic agenda in recent days: rising gas prices and the president's falling approval ratings."
"Michael Klare on Blood, Oil and the Coming War on Iran."
Juan Cole

Suicide blasts hit US Iraq base

"At least two suicide car bombs have exploded at the entrance to a US military base in Qaim, western Iraq.
The blasts caused several casualties, but it is not know how many were American or Iraqi troops, or civilians."
"I wrote this piece on the 2nd anniversary the toppling of Saddam two days ago but I didn't have the time to post it. It was not meant to be a poem, as I can't write even poetry in Arabic. But it didn't seem to me it can be posted like a regular article. So I'll just put it this way and hope you'll like it and that it'll give you an idea of how some Iraqis look at the 9th of April, as although there are some personal stuff that can be found in my piece but most of my thoughts and feelings are similar to what I find in the hearts and minds of many fellow Iraqis."
Free Iraqi
"In his 1st interview with Fox after being announced Iraq's new PM, the radical Islamist Ibrahim Al-Jafari declares that he's going to be Iraq's new dictator and that he's going to make Iraq a copy of Iran.
He also mentioned that he learnt injustice and disrespect to human rights form the West during the 20 years he spent there.

I'm just kidding of course, go watch the video of the interesting interview (I tried to put a direct link but it didn't work)! Anyway, it's there on the upper right corner of the page."

 Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10, 2005

"Telling Tidbits from Iraqi newspapers via BBC World Monitoring for April 5:"
Juan Cole
"Since a very early time, the European settlers of Palestine made all possible attempts to integrate with the native population, as you can see on this picture of the German Colony, near Haifa, by 1898.

A native population which was almost totally inexistent, BTW. Acre, for instance, was almost a desert by 1905. The very few Arabs that lived there were Beduins living in tents in the desert."
LoL, but what a great set of old pictures. I love old pictures.
"Military Blog Rundown 1130 MDT"
The Daily Blogster
Hey! this looks like competition.
I'll just have to add him to my daily routine.
"Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, Loyal Readers, New Readers, and Everyone else that finds this site interesting,

I have some very unfortunate news. Levels above me have ordered, yes ORDERED, me to shut down this website. They cite that the information contained in these pages violates several Army Regulations. I certainly disagree with this. However, I have made a decision to turn off the site pending further investigation as to whether or not I have violated these Army Regulations."
Damn, I guess I got here late. I don't know if it was interesting or not, and it don't look as if I'm going to find out.


"Despite the jovial mood, my Iraqi friends also warned me that the real fight is still ahead: the Constitution. Indeed, the formation over a government was held up by disagreements between the Kurds and Shias over the status of Kirkuk and other issues that will now have to be dealt with in the Constitution"
Strawberry Fields
You cant go wrong with a name like that!

Letnica MEDCAP: Take 2

"The good Captain had a bunch of people send us personal hygiene, toys, clothes and goodies to give to the people of Kosovo that we ended up giving out at the Letnica MEDCAP, as previously mentioned. If you want to get an office pool going, you can send us stuff too, we do MEDCAPS monthly, and you can send items to this address."
Foxholes and Dogtags
A milblog from Kosovo, A first for me. And full of great pictures.

Highway of Hell, Oil Spills, and the House of Killing

"The House of Killing was our target, and as we left the FOB, I couldn’t help thinking how silly the name sounded. It sounded more appropriate for a haunted house that lures reluctant kids on Halloween. This macabre name no doubt came from someone that had never before been there."
A day in Iraq
I just found this milblog at Iraq Files, the new link on the sidebar from Steven Kiel

Saturday, April 09, 2005

"As I write this, all I can think about is the soldiers who still serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the places I visited tonight, it’s as if these soldiers didn’t even exist. A world of apathy we live in, and it troubles me beyond belief. I find myself not being whom I used to be. I used to be a carefree guy who went to these places with a smile on my face and pickup lines in my back pocket. Now, I just look at the potential girls and guys as just brainless folks walking around a world that encourages them to continue to do the same."
In Iraq for 365

The Dying of the Light

" Later that day the frenzied initial reports coalesced into a picture of the event and the soldier who had been killed was identified as Corporal Glenn Watkins."
365 and a Wakeup

Saying Goodbye

"C for Charlie sat on rough wood bleachers, in front of us sat Alpha Company on folding metal chairs. I felt like and intruder, like walking in on a family fight at your friends house."
This is Your war

The Iraqi-Kurdish Blogosphere On Iraq's New President And Prime Minister

"The Iraqi and Kurdish Bloggers have weighed
in on the new Parliamentarian Appointments
of Jalal Talibani as President and Dr.
Ibrahim al Jaafari as Prime Minister of Iraq."
"Thank Mister Ghost

Friday, April 08, 2005

"In pictures: Iraqi lives two years after Saddam"
BBC News
Thanks boyintheworld.

How Jews and Kurds can work together for the Newroz

"Hi everyone, and Newroz Piroz be!

I came across this article awhile back and I just can't resist reposting it here. Everyone asks me questions like "how do Jews in the US have som much power"? and "What is the relationship between Kurds and Jews, or between Israel and Kurds"? These questions are not easy to answer, but I think this guy Bart (article below) gives a good explanation. First, look at what Jews do in their communities, it's not evil, it's not a secret and it's not complicated either. We organize, we network and we agree to disagree about the small stuff (not much fighting). We focus on things that really matter to us and we donate money and LOADS of time."
Peshmerga Women
Recommended reading for all Kurds, in or out of Iraq.
I would also like to add that I believe that the Cuban exile community would likely take a Kurd hand in friendship should one be extended in our direction.
""Drafting the constitution will be done on time," Talabani told Reuters in his first interview since being named president"
Wired News
That's good I hope the drafting is on time, that way there will be plenty of time to debate and amened that draft in time for the ratification.
The most dangerous and deadly phase of this war is upon us. Keep your head up, and your ass down.
"Preachers called on their congregations to rally in Firdus Square on Saturday in central Baghdad where US troops helped haul down a statue of Saddam Hussein in footage that was beamed around the world.

Both Shia and Sunni leaders joined forces in calling for the protest."
It's the usual suspects that are calling for a protest, the AMS and our old friends at al-Sadr's. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

War of The Rats

"Last Monday night my roommate, SGT Paris, and I were watching the new Battlestar Galatica mini-series on his laptop. The rooms we live in are about 8 or 9 feet wide by 12ft deep. Alpha Team Leaders live two to a room, Bravo TM LDRs three, and the poor Joes are shoved up four to a room. They have gotten pretty creative in building things, racks and such to store gear and personal items. Building up, manufacturing shelves out of extra bunk parts, wood, driving nails into the walls to hang stuff from. The most popular is scrounging bricks to put under the legs of the bunks, raising them high enough to slide rucks and duffel bags under. Still the rough indoor/outdoor carpet, the kind you see around pools, is crowded with with all manor of things."
This is Your war
Funny how people freak sometimes.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

"Stop Loss" Challenge Stopped by Court

"Just in: "A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals today rejected a Pasco [WA] National Guardsman's lawsuit to stop the military from extending his service.""
Booman Tribne

"every Arab hates the U.S. invasion of Iraq - and why another part is praying that it succeeds."

"Until the recent elections in Iraq and among the Palestinians, the modern Arab world was largely immune to the winds of democracy that have blown everywhere else in the world. Why? That's a pretty important question. For years, though, it was avoided in both the East and the West."
Thanks Maury

Dirty Tactics

"Ayman Noor said that the ruling National Democratic Party is trying to tarnish his image by calling him an "American agent"*. He added that members of the NDP burned the American flag in front of his party's office so that they cunningly convey their refusal to accept someone "who America supports"."
Big Pharaoh
"I received this announcement via e mail, very interesting indeed:

Something wonderful is happening in Washington, DC. On May 14..."
"This week the Abu Ghraib Prison was attacked twice by a large group of anachronisms...I mean insurgents. The attack was the sort of thing that has happened several times using car bombs, RPGs and small arms. Since our medics ran an aid station at the BCDF (Baghdad Central Detention Facility) we kept an eye on the intel from the neighborhood. We were warned on multiple occasions of just such an attack, trying to breach the perimeter with a VBIED and then driving another one in for more damage. A ground attack would follow as insurgents streamed into the compound to free the prisoners. It was worrisome when a detailed map of the facility showed up on a website sympathetic to the insurgency. Their plan looked good on paper, in practice these attacks never achieved their goals. They did, however, show how much they cared about the prisoners inside by mortaring the place all the time. In April 2004 a barrage killed over 20 prisoners and injured 100."
Iraq Calling
"I'm very excited to hear about some new sighting in Iraq. Between the emails I've received and lists I've seen published I've heard of at least 20 birds that I didn't see while I was in country.

To facilitate more firsthand accounts, I've decided to make Birding Babylon a group blog. I'll open it up to other birders and wildlife watchers that are in Iraq now or have been previously and want to share some of their experiences. Those interested will be able to post directly to the blog. I'm hoping at least a few people will be regulars and keep up the momentum. If you are interested please send me an email -

Major Ed reports some fantastic birds."
Birding Babylon
What a great idea, to open up the blog to facilitate firsthand accounts from Iraq! well anyone interested in doing the same here should read the Mission Statement posted there on my side bar. Hopefully J will have much more success than I have in finding volunteers. I wish them over at Birding Babylon all the luck in the world. Maybe if I could get mentioned over there someone might see it. Anyway I personally have enjoyed J's blogs immensely.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The New Iraqi President

"Congratulations to the Iraqi people...We also have a new Iraqi blogger. Zan is a 27-year-old student. He lives in Atlanta...."

"And, The Committee to Protect Bloggers has been nominated by Reporters Without Borders for a Freedom of Expression award. Click here to vote. "
Iraqi in America

My Will To Survive......

"Its been pretty hectic the last week. Not hectic in the sense that Ive got many things to do, No,hectic in a way that my mind has been working overtime. As well as my emotions were kind of having a party of their own. And by the way, it wasnt a happy party, it was more like a morbid one."

This Life, This Death

"Yesturday my Battalion suffered it's first comabt death.


KIlled In Action


He was A CPL in Alpha company, a gunner on his truck."
This is Your war

The Price...

"We lost a good man yesterday. May Corporal Glenn Watkins rest in peace. Please pray for his family. He was a good soldier, and the first from my Battalion to be killied in action"
Major K


"Please keep CaliValleyGirl in mind today: the Chinook that crashed in Afghanistan was from her soldier's unit. Say a prayer or visit her and give her strength as she lives through casualty notification day."
Trying to grok
U.S. Copter Crash Kills 16 in Afghanistan

Election result reactions

"Ok so I still can't view Kurdsat online so can't get photos, next best thing check what other people think about it.

Another case of look at how iraqis view the world and compare that to people who have nothing to do with the country. Some really seem to be milking the puppet, america, israel card

I'll use BBC's have your say section, though to be frank the contribution to the arabic ones are becoming much better than the english ones"

Jalal Talabani

"The history of the current Iraqi President in photos :"
Kurdo's World

Watching sausage being made.

"It's not like me to watch political discussions as I always find them boring not to mention all the hypocrisy they usually include. And when the discussion is held with people like the Sadirists participating like they are really politicians as the case is in the interim National Iraqi Assembly, my feelings of boredom and resentment are even bigger.

However, this afternoon I found myself in front of the TV and there was the 4th session of the Assembly being broadcasted live"
Free Iraqi

Huhn? The Real Iraq

"The unfortunate tendency in the United States to evaluate all statements about Iraq with regard to whether they are "optimistic" (i.e. pro-Bush) or "pessimistic" (i.e. anti-Bush) makes it difficult for those who just want to understand what is going on. I get slammed by the Jeff Jarvis's for reporting bad news (shouldn't it be reported?) or I get cited by rightwing bloggers when I say things like that the Sunni Arab guerrilla movement cannot win"
Juan Cole

Iraq chooses president.

"This morning marked another turning point in the history of Iraq when the elected Iraqi National Assembly publicly elected and approved the new president of Iraq and his new deputies.
I personally welcome the decision of choosing Mr. Talbani for this position because this step proves again that Iraqis are willing and working hard to bridge the gap between the different components of the Iraqi nation and to overcome the differences and disputes among them."

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I am just not sure if this is funny, or fucking tragic. I hate them more now, if that is even possible

Yeah, Che is sooo coool.

"Humberto Fontova pretty much rips Carlos "Che is soooo coool" Santana a new one in this piece from Newsmax:"
Babalu Blog
Recomended reading, an exelent blog, Pure Val. Get your copy before there all gone.

Healing The Soldiers

"Yesterday, I went to my hairdresser for a hair cut. While she worked on my hair, the customer before me returned to give her a tip. When she left, my hairdresser said, "Her boyfriend shot himself in the head yesterday.""
Iraqi in America
I posted some blogs about it here and here This last one might give some insight into the problem. If anyone has more please drop by Fayrouz and drop a note. Thanks

Monday, April 04, 2005

Terrorists confessions …a hoax?

"The program name ”terrorists in the hands of justice” shows confessions of the terrorists some Iraqis thinks this is only a hoax. listen to this report [Real Player]."
Baghbad Dweller
Well, I don't know, some of the testimony on this report is pretty convincing, I don't see any evidence of a hoax in this report. Maybe I was wrong. I have never really liked the idea of video taped confessions, and have never really believe in them, but the guy said he knew the victims, and the lady said she recognized the perp.

A whacked Couple of Days

"It was several days ago now and I meant to write about it sooner, but you read the title of this post so you get the idea. I got to see my son and my wife in "real time". I bought a Web Cam out here and we had a mini video tele conference over yahoo messenger. What a joy that was. Joyce said that when Reid saw me on the monitor he smiled and said "Ohhhhhh, Daddy!""
Soldiers Paradise II

The Nature of Fear

"I think I've figured something out being here. Fear is the greatest motivator, the most powerful emotion that can be felt by Man. More powerful than joy, sadness, even love. Fear can make you do anything, you will abandon your love because of it, your family, your home, it will also cause you to fight to the death for all those things, cause you to do things that had never even crossed your mind. Fear is anger turned inside out, yet even stronger than anger."
This is Your War

First Medal Of Honor For Iraq GI

Sgt. 1st Class Paul Ray Smith is seen in this undated handout photo provided by the U.S. Army. (Photo: AP)

"(CBS/AP) Outnumbered and exposed, Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul Ray Smith stayed at his gun, beating back an advancing Iraqi force until a bullet took his life.

Smith is credited with protecting the lives of scores of lightly armed American soldiers who were beyond his position in the battle, on April 4, 2003, near the gates of Baghdad International Airport"

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Iraq's Democracy & International Intervention

"The Iraqi Sistani backed Shia group are now asking international figures to intervene in the creation of Iraq's democracy.

Al-Jafaari has asked Tony Blair to "put pressure" on the Kurds to give up their demands and "give in" to the Arab majority in Iraq."
Kurdo's World
"these days, and just hours before the next meeting of the so called national assembly, I just had a chance to sit and write these lines about what we were going through these days in 1991 while our sunni and Shia "Brothers" were enjoying there Traditional Coffes, music and belly dances with black-eyed Arab dancers around them...or pardon me if not, then having peaceful and calm prayers at luxury mosques around the country!!!
what do we demand? why we demand so much? these type of WRONG formulated pseudo-questions..."
KBU -hiwa
"The association of Muslim Scholars denied in a statement (Arabic) that was distributed yesterday that the association is responsible for the latest fatwa that encouraged Iraqis to join the Iraqi security forces.
The latest statement from the association said that yesterday's fatwa wasn't approved by the secretary or the spokesman of the association explaining that "Um Al-Qura" mosque from which the fatwa in question was released doesn't officially represent the association."

Iraqi parliament speaker named

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Iraqi lawmakers elected Industry Minister Hajim al-Hassani, a Sunni Arab, as parliament speaker Sunday, ending days of deadlock and moving forward on forming a new government two months after the country's historic elections.

The decision was a step toward repairing the tattered image of the newly elected National Assembly, which had bickered for days over who would take the speaker post.

Former nuclear scientist Hussain al-Shahristani, a Shiite, and Kurdish leader Aref Taifour were elected as al-Hassani's deputies"
Mohammed of ITM has a nice report of what the guy said at his acceptance speech

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Iraq blocs agree on parliament speaker

"Baghdad, Iraq, Apr. 2 (UPI) -- Iraq's legislature said Saturday that leaders of various blocs have agreed on naming a Sunni as the speaker of the National Assembly.
Jawad al-Maliki, a prominent member of the powerful Shiite United Iraqi Bloc in the provisional parliament, said the blocs agreed to name Hajem al-Hosni**, the interim industry minister, as speaker of the 275-seat National Assembly.

Hosni, a member of interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's bloc,"
fingers crossed, thanks h2

** According to Abbas, the correct name is Hachim al-Hassany

On a lighter note

Funny of the day
Two Cows

Friday, April 01, 2005

"A Kurdish newspaper have reported that Saddam Hussein have died in US custody a couple of days ago, qouting high ranking Kurdish officials in the Iraqi government. The paper says that Iraqi government and the Americans are in disagreement for announcing the news as the Iraqis want to report it after the formation of the new government"
Kurdo's World
Who knows??
"Congratulations to all our Christian brothers and peoples around the world on Easter Holiday. I have recently discovered a saying attributed to the prophet Mohammed (PBU) that may surprise some of you quite understandably, in view of the present day practices of our contemporary “Khawarij” heretics. “What is religion but love”, the prophet is reported to have said."
The Messopotamian
I have said it before, this guy is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day

Iraqis Urged to Join Security Forces

"BAGHDAD, Iraq - Influential Sunni scholars encouraged Iraqis to join the country's security forces and protect the country, issuing an edict Friday that departed sharply from earlier warnings against participating in the fledgling police and army."
Yahoo News

Catching Up With The News

"On my post about University of Basra protests, my friend in Basra mentioned the following:

BTW, there are CDs in the market now that the Sadr's party have distributed in an attempt to make his points understood. But, it only makes it worse.

A Basrawi has posted parts of the CD on the Internet with other interesting links. The Web site is written in Arabic. I'm busy with packing and moving. Otherwise, I would've translated the text to English. But, you really don't need the translation. Just click on each link and watch parts of what happened before, during and after the attack. The writer states the parts where the gang attacked the students were deleted from the film before it was distributed into the market. You'll see for yourself that there wasn't any wrong-doing from the students side. These were college kids having a one fine day. The site also published a still photo of one of the attackers with a gun pointed at the students."
Iraqi in America
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Memri Tv

"I just discovered this site MEMRI TV. Please check it out. It has subtitles in English. This site shows many of those terrorists that have been captured in Iraq and are being interrogated. They are bloodless criminals who have no intention of repenting. Those Bastards killing my people, slaughtering them, kidnapping them, raping them, then throwing them away like some trash. Im so damn angry and disgusted. Yet so pleased that they are being captured."
Neurotic Iraqi Wife
"The incompetence described in the report occasionally descends into farce, particularly over an Iraqi defector codenamed Curveball, whose fabricated tales about mobile biological laboratories and their influence on US decision-makers were reminiscent of Graham Greene's accidental spy in Our Man in Havana. Despite warnings that he was "crazy", "a waste of time", and that he had not even been in Iraq at the time of an event he supposedly saw, his claims became the subject of almost 100 Defence Intelligence Agency reports and a focus of the National Intelligence Estimate in October 2002."
From Druge